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Do you have a passion for writing? Are you a person that is looking for Popularity and Recognition for your writing skills?

Directory of Red Deer Blog has an open offer for you to write about Red Deer & Central Alberta Area. We invite the community to write about our area and share your thoughts on the hot spots of our great City of Red Deer. This can be about your favorite restaurant, night club, hotel, or retail outlet. Write a review about a local business you might like or dislike, to your us your experience.

So whether professional, amateur, a student writer or a consumer we and community would like to hear from you and your thoughts on the Red Deer.

There are many topics, which can be written about the Red Deer & Area, and it is hard for one writer to cover it all. We know that by extending this offer to the community to write reviews, we will get a broader appeal for the readers of Red Deer, Alberta and to the rest of the world on the net.        

If you love our City of Red Deer then why not write about it? To name a few Categories that you might want to write about but not limited to this list, there are so many more topics that can be written about. 

•    School Sport Teams, Local School Events, College Events
•    Professional Sport Teams & Events
•    Who deserve recognition for helping our community
•    Civic & Community
•    News - Community Stories
•    Entertainment
•    Lifestyles
•    News - Sports (any local sports)
•    News - Politics (local - national - world)
•    Charity Events
•    Local Events
•    Pet Stories & Photos

Our blog has an author’s bio box at the bottom of each post. The author bio box will allow you to links to your website, social sites or any other site that helps with your exposure as an author. We ask that whatever you link to it is "G" rated and doesn't have links or ads all over it with only a small amount of content.
We like to see a content based website or social site, with a normal amount of ads, so we can approve you to write on our blog.

We also encourage local business owners to get involved with posting at least once a month about their business. Owners may want to write topics about their own business by giving our readers a more informative idea about products. Such as what to look for when making such purchases from a retail outlet. Not all products are created equal. When a business provides information to the consumer about products or services, this helps the consumer to make the correct choice when they do decide to purchase. Honesty, Trust, and Service goes a long way. Give the consumer the tips, tricks, and what to watch out for, or so called the pro’s and con’s about products or services. 

This can be done by becoming an author at our blog by Click Here to Send Mail


Write For Us – requires an interview by Contact Us before registering on our blog. We only want serious and honest writers from the local community of Red Deer & Area. Once we have this interview, our staff will get you registered on our blog. Directory of Red Deer staff will review all of your work until we determine your writing style is for our site. Once you make it through our grace period your post will not be held back for review.
We still monitor content submitted and reserve the right to pull any content from our site. All content that is submitted will be considered the property of the Directory of Red Deer. Please read our Privacy Policy & Terms Conditions for more information.

We want to hear from you Red Deer & Central Alberta...



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