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About Us # 1 Local Search for Our Community

Welcome to the # 1 Local Directory in Red Deer!

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About Us

Directory of Red Deer is a member of a fast growing network of directories and blogs with the goal of connecting local area residents with local merchants. In today’s economy this connection is much more than just a convenience for the consumer it's a necessity for local business owners. Support your Local Community by spending your money with a Local Merchant in our Community. Buy Local….

The Directory Of Red Deer is about connecting local businesses with the local community Red Deer & Area of Central Alberta. We are here to help bring the consumer and local business owners closer together by offering a social directory site that will benefit the area.  

We have created a site for the local community and local businesses to connect by providing a hub to find local events, social events, local news events, local business printable coupons, local event calendar, and local classified ads. Our soon to launch Social network will be similar to a Facebook or a Myspace with the exception our site will be only local to our community of Red Deer & Area.

Our blog has been created to provide local information on the arts, theatre, community events, business news and leaders, benefits and causes, local sports, parenting issues, cultural affairs, high school and collegiate events, and these are just to mention a few. Directory of Red Deer Blog also provides for visitors to our community excellent way to find local businesses, which builds a stronger local economy.   

The owner and staff at the Directory of Red Deer are dedicated to bringing you a standard you will not find any where else on the web for local information. We strive to offer personalized service to all our clients so that they will grow with our community. We pride ourselves in helping local businesses to become a part of the local online community.

We encourage local business owners and the local community to write on our directory blog. With this in mind the Directory of Red Deer is looking to make our site a home grown with local people and local business to create a local online community for Red Deer & Area.

Directory of Red Deer is much more than just another online listing directory.

We Support Local Products & Services in our community… Do you?



Red Deer Advertising
Advertising online in Red Deer has never been more simple than today. Is your local business being found online in the search engines? At some point in time all business owners are eventually confronted with a serious dilemma --how to advertise, in which medium, and which is the best deal for... more →
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Red Deer Automotive Resources
If you’re planning a vacation to Red Deer anytime soon, knowing where to find automotive services, sales, and mechanics might be important to your trip. If you’re moving to our great City, knowing where these places are will be even more important to you. more →
Local Red Deer Businesses Get Listed
The Directory of Red Deer features local businesses of Red Deer & Area by giving businesses better exposure on the Internet. This allows them the opportunity to link to their own website, giving them even more exposure with search engines. Get your Business listed today for Free..... more →
Red Deer Website Designer for Local Small Business Owners
Are you a small business owner in Central Alberta who is looking for more exposure for your business? Having your own website can do this and will work for you 24/7 with no employee cost. more →
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Getting Out of Town for Some R & R
If you would like to get out of town for a day or two, or for the weekend, what the heck, go for the whole week, to sit back and relax and explore some new territory, then come to Red Deer, Alberta? more →

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