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Westerner Days Entertainment Next Week # 1 Local Search for Our Community

Welcome to the # 1 Local Directory in Red Deer!

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Westerner Days Entertainment Next Week

Westerner Days starts next week in Red Deer with some great Entertainment to get out and enjoy. The parade kicks off Westerner Days celebration on July 15 at 9:30 a.m.

Olymel Stage

Presented by Zed 99 and KG Country.
Westerner Park is very excited about the 2009 entertainment line-up; it is promised to be one of the best shows ever! This year, on the Olymel Stage in the ENMAX Centrium will feature five exciting acts, sure to tickle everyone’s fancy.
All shows begin at 8:30 pm nightly and doors open at 7:30 pm with the exception of the Sunday performance which is at 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm
(doors open at 1:00 pm and 4:30pm).
Westerner Park is very excited about the 2009 entertainment line–up; it is promised to be one of the best shows ever! This year, on the Olymel Stage in the ENMAX Centrium will feature five exciting acts, sure to tickle everyone's fancy.

The Trews – Wednesday, July 15th
Westerner Park and Zed 99 FM are pleased to present the Trews in concert, Wednesday, July 15th at the ENMAX Centrium on the Olymel Stage!
Tickets are $25 which includes all services fees and taxes!

The Trews last album, No Time for Later, is a marriage of new and classic rock that has helped to give the band a multigenerational appeal. The first single, "Hold me in Your Arms", was released in late 2007. The single premiered at the 2007 Grey Cup pre–game show and was immediately released on iTunes. It eventually went number 1 on MuchMusic for a week in April 2008.

In 2009, the Trews were nominated for Group of the Year at the Junos. They currently reside in Toronto, Ontario.
NOTE: The Trews is a ticketed event. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster; charge by phone (403) 340-4455
Please note that the tickets do not include gate admission.
Buy Concert Tickets!
The Official Trews Website

George Canyon and Gord Bamford – Thursday, July 16th
Gord Bamford is country through and through. In the way he lives his life and in the way he writes his songs, Gord brings a unique outlook to his music in which his heartfelt sincerity can instantly be heard. Whether in front of 35,000 screaming fans opening for Tim McGraw at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton Alberta, or playing a quiet small town hall for 150 people, Gord is right at home! And right at home he will be on the Olymel Stage during Westerner Days Fair & Exposition.

George Canyon (born Frederick George Lays Jr.) is a country music singer from Canada. He grew up in Fox Brook, Pictou County, Nova Scotia and later lived in Hopewell, NS (where he still owns land) before he moved west. He currently lives in High River, Alberta. He also holds an appointment in the Canadian Forces as Honorary Colonel at 14 Wing Greenwood.
On September 22, 2007, Canyon performed at China-Canada: Hand in Hand; a joint concert held in Vancouver between CCTV (China Central Television) and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) to commemorate the 1 year countdown of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. One of the songs performed by Canyon was "What a fine Jasmine blossom" sung entirely in Mandarin. Canyon performed the touching duet with Mandarin singer Tang Can.
George Canyon is pleased to perform during Westerner Days Fair & Exposition 2009.

The Stampeders – Friday, July 17th

The Stampeders in the early 1970s saw a mini-boom in America for Canadian-born rockers -- apart from major players like Neil Young and the Band, and singles chart fixtures like the Guess Who, there was an entire wave of one-hit and near-one-hit wonders. The Stampeders were part of this group, a trio originally from Calgary, Alberta, who hit the Top Ten in 1971 with the infectiously catchy "Sweet City Woman". They later charted low in the Hot 100 with "Devil You", and brushed the Top 40 in 1976 with "Hit the Road Jack".
Now, almost 40 years later, the band is still rocking the same songs we know and love!

Aaron Pritchett – Saturday, July 18th
For all the good things that have come Aaron Pritchett's way the past few years, for all the accolades and awards, the airplay, the video play and the fans showing up everywhere he goes; for all that and the mere fact he can make a living at this music thing, he takes none of it for granted. And it's for all that he decided to call his new, fourth album Thankful. It's the best thing he's ever done, he thinks, and he's right. It is. But there's more than a touch of angel-dust serendipity that gives it life.
The country music star, Aaron Pritchett will perform an electrifying concert during Westerner Days Fair & Exposition, on the Olymel Stage.

African Acrobats – Sunday, July 19th
Originating in Mombassa, Kenya they have performed in over 25 countries in the last ten years, including Australia, China, Korea, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. They have only been performing in America since February of 1999 and have received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.
Like nothing that has been seen before at Westerner Days Fair & Exposition, this group will be sure to please audiences of all ages.

Safeway Stage
Daily Shows presented by BIG 105
Northern Star Talent Search
On May 2nd, youth performers gathered at Bower Place Shopping Centre to compete in the Northern Star Talent Search.

A talent competition open to non–professional, amateur performers, ages 5 to 21. The completion categories are: vocal, instrumental, dance and variety.
Winners of the May 2nd competition will be performing Saturday, July 18th Noon – 1pm

Hey Romeo
The dynamic Edmonton, Alberta country trio released its debut single "Wrap These Around You" in 2005 under the humorous band name, Udder Maddness. Sanity prevailed; the name of the band changed to Hey Romeo and has since chalked up more than 700 shows throughout Canada since forming in 2002.

Norman Foote
Norman creates songs and stories & props that delight the ears and eyes. He weaves imaginative word play and gentle with great melodies all to great effect. Norman has created a very special niche with his irreverent comedy and skillful music. He has written and recorded songs for Disney Records, Shari Lewis, CBC syndicated TV. show "Scoop & Doozie" to name a few.

Terrance B
Terrance B, the hypnotist will make you laugh like it or not. He is truly at home when he is on the stage. Terrance B has honed his hypnosis talent to a razor's edge and deftly tailors his shows for each and every performance.

Canadian Cancer Society's Head for a Cure – Sunday, July 19th 3:00pm till 3:30 pm
Over $19,600 was raised during the 2008 Head for a Cure. In the past 8 years, this event has raised in excess of $220,000!

Investors Group Stage
Investors Group Swampmaster Show
Presented by The Drive 106.7
The Investor's Group Swampmaster's Gator Show and Exhibit is proven to delight folks of all ages and offers an educational attraction to families. Based on education, presentation and conversation, the show is recognized by AZA Institutions as well as Fish & Game Commissions as an effective, Humane, Public Awareness Program about the American Alligator.

Midway Boulevard
Since 1985, Bandaloni has been entertaining audiences throughout Canada and the United States. His forte is fun, musical, ground level performances with lots of audience participation combined with humor and cool novelty tricks executed on his highly customized guitar.

Freddy Fusion
Red Deer is proud to present international performer Freddy Fusion. As seen in over 35 countries around the world, this crazy science magician turns the impossible into the possible. With his odd sense of visual humour, audience participation and a ton of surprises, this is sure to be a hit with family audiences throughout the Westerner Days Fair & Exposition.

Guitar Hero Competition
Presented by 101.3 Red Deer FM
Anyone can enter the Guitar Hero Competition taking place on Midway Boulevard during Westerner Days Fair & Exposition. Regardless if you are new to Guitar Hero or are already a rock star, we have three competition levels to suit everyone. The competition levels are Easy, Medium, and Expert. The top 10 competitors from each category each day will advance to the finals on Sunday. The winners will receive tons of gifts so start practicing your licks as you could be Red Deer's official Guitar Hero! Daily prizes will also be given away.

Big Boss Hog
You all come and participate at our Celebrity Hog racing. Its a flag waving, tail wagging jolly good time for the whole family. The race begins with the "Call to the Post" plus the sound of a bell and they're off. Wendy Baby Back Ribs Barns & John Ham's little Porker race to the finish line for Smarties. Its not just racing Hogs but a Down Home Hillbilly show. Bring your camera to capture all the fun and stick around after the show to meet and greet some of the stars.

IBC. Be Smart. Be Safe Tour
The Be Smart. Be Safe.Tour offers free entertainment, prizes and family fun! The Be Smart. Be Safe. Tour is coming to Westerner Days Fair & Exposition. The award – winning community outreach program, developed by Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has a new name and a fresh new look for 2009.

The Canada's Stuck on BAND–AID® Perfect Fit Tour
The Canada's Stuck on BAND–AID Perfect Fit Tour focuses on activating against the Band–Aid jingle known and recognized by many Canadians. The Perfect Fit tour team will give Canadians the opportunity to record a video with their family and friends and sing the famous jingle in our mobile recording studio at Westerner Days Fair & Exposition.

Molson Canadian Chalet Beer Gardens
Paul Sveen is as much fun as he is funny! Where ever he performs he's part of the party, like having a national head liner in your kitchen! And he is national, with performances on CBC's So You Think You're Funny, Madly Off In All Directions, TSN's Off The Record, ABC's America's Funniest People, CTV's Comedy Now and The Halifax Comedy Festival. He's headlined every major comedy club in Canada and toured England. Paul is a corporate headliner and a national Comedy Club favorite!


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